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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Woman Learns Deal to Good to be True

How do you know if a good deal is too good to be true? According to a recent Star Tribune report, Tammie Townsend didn’t know until her car salesman called with a surprising request. Two weeks after purchasing a used vehicle from Wasler Chrysler in Hopkins, MN she was to redo her contract and pay an additional $7,000. She declined. What happened next may surprise you.

Since 2005 Townsend had been just another one of the dealership’s satisfied customers. She had purchased, leased and serviced vehicles there. After leasing her 2007 Chrysler Pacifica for 2 years, she decided to purchase the vehicle. When offered the Pacifica for $11,639, she was “pleasantly surprised.” After finalizing the paper work, the office manager informed her, “You’re getting a great deal.”

Townsend had actually paid about $6,000 below Blue Book value for the Pacifica. When she refused return the vehicle or pay the additional $7,000 the dealership requested, repo men appeared at her house and she discovered she was being sued. The dealership stated that the original price offered was “an administrative error” and accused Townsend of fraud and unjust enrichment.

The case has not yet been resolved. Do you think the dealership’s handling of the situation has been fair? Should Townsend pay the additional $7,000?