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Saturday, June 15, 2024

May, 2012 Archive

Auto Lease Advice: How to Get Low Monthly Lease Payments

We talked about auto leasing in the last post, including the benefits of leasing over buying. Let us now present some tips on how to get low monthly lease payments. Getting Low Monthly Payments on your Car Lease 1. Select a cheaper car. We talked about this in our last post. One of the many […]

Auto Lease Advice for the Newbie Car Buyer

Have you thought about auto leasing? This is one one of the most affordable and easy ways to drive the car that you have always wanted. If you think that leasing is only good for small and mediocre automobiles then you will be surprised to know that you can lease a better car for almost […]

Rebates and Incentives: What’s the Deal?

Rebates and incentives serve many purposes. For cars that don’t sell well, new car rebates and financing incentives will help boost sales. For new cars, special buying incentives such as loyalty rebates or ‘conquest rebates’ are given to car buyers who buy a particular brand of new car, truck or SUV. You should always find […]

Radiator Care and Maintenance: How to Drain Car Engine Cooling System

As promised in part 2 of the series on how to maintain your car’s engine cooling system, here are the simple steps that will show you the proper way on how to drain your radiator and increase engine cooling system performance. Just a word of precaution: Read the owner’s manual of your car. Different cars […]