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Just being here means you’re on the right path if you want to find great auto deals. You probably know that manufacturer invoice prices are a key figure in negotiation, marking the low end of the attainable sale price range. You also know that you’ll be aiming for that price when you negotiate at the dealership. Here at BuyingAdvice, we offer invoice prices and a number of additional resources for consumers like you. There are just a few steps to getting a great deal (and those manufacturer invoice prices): 1. Enter a make, model, and zip code. You will be provided with a price quote from any and all of the dealers you choose. 2. Check out our Insider Report, which you get with your free quotes. Learn our money-saving tips and look up the manufacturer invoice price of any vehicle! 3. Negotiate with dealers until you get the deal you deserve! For over 15 years, the BuyingAdvice team’s Insider Report has been the ultimate authority on new car buying. We strive to give you unbiased advice and hard-to-find information to help you get the best deal available. Ready to begin? Click here to request your free, no-obligation quotes.


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