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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

February, 2010 Archive

Consumer Reports Still Ranking Prius Top Eco-Friendly Car?

Two weeks after Toyota recalled nearly half a million Prius cars due to brake problems, Consumer Reports is still ranking the hybrid as it’s top pick for an eco-friendly car. The Prius has owned ‘green’ car rankings in the magazine for seven years running. But with the Toyota recalls now at 8 million plus vehicles […]

Lenders Extending More Credit: Can You Get Financing?

A sign that the automotive crisis is on the rebound, lenders are extending loans to more buyers, even those with poor credit. According to a recent article the average consumer can find financing again. Dealerships throughout the country are seeing easier financing standards from the majority of lenders. What has changed? Credit markets are opening […]

Are Newer Safety Features Better at Protecting Drivers?

Every year automobiles become more technology advanced. We would logically think that the more advanced the technology the safer the vehicle. Not so so, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Instead the IIHS discovered that the latest generation of frontal airbags do not protect belted drivers as well as your predecessors. Surprisingly they […]

GM Offers $2,000 Incentive to Pontiac & Saturn Owners

Aiming to keep Saturn and Pontiac owners “in the family” GM is offering a $2,000 incentive on top of current offers. The offer is only on select brands and models. Here’s a brief summary of the available savings. $1,000 Purchase Cash/$500 Lease Cash Cadillac CTS SRX Crossover Chevrolet Aveo Camaro Cobalt Colorado Corvette HHR Equinox […]

10 Foolproof Tips for Safe Winter Driving

Driving in winter weather can get the best of even the most experienced drivers. Slippery roads, deep snow and poor visibility require well thought, patient driving. Here are a few simple tips: In an extreme storm don’t drive unless it’s absolutely necessary. Wait until the snow plows and sanding trucks have had time to work. […]

Why Leasing is on the Rise: 5 Advantages to Lease vs. Buy

A recent Polk study revealed consumers are returning to vehicle leasing. With more people wondering how they can afford to drive a new car or truck, leasing is proving to be an attractive option once again. Here are a few reasons why shoppers are choosing to lease. Little or No Down Payment – depending on […]