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Saturday, June 15, 2024

January, 2014 Archive

Car Deals Expiring Soon

When shopping for new cars this January, you’ll find many auto deals that can help save you money. Many automakers are working hard to push sales early in 2014. Savvy shoppers can get low- to no-interest financing, rebates and more. These deals won’t last long, so visit BuyingAdvice.Com to see what dealers near you have […]

Top Ten Things to Know When Car Buying

If you are considering buying a new car this 2014, please take some time to read about these important facts: 1. Be sure you’re getting the right vehicle. This may seem obvious, but you could wind up unhappy if you haven’t carefully considered how many people and how much “stuff” you need to carry. 2. […]

Finding Good Car Salesmanship

Henry Ford famously said that if he had asked his original customers what they wanted, they would have requested a faster horse. A seven-year study used mystery shopping to rank by brand how effectively dealerships handle customers and turn car shoppers into buyers. Smart salespeople build rapport and ask customers questions to understand their individual […]

Top Ten Worst Selling Cars of 2013

What were the biggest sales failures of 2013? After compiling sales data for 2013 for every automaker, experts have set parameters to ensure the list of the top worst-selling vehicles includes legitimately bad-selling vehicles and not just canceled models and the toys of the super-rich. These parameters are as follows: Starting price below $100,000. The […]

Learning How to Negotiate with Dealers

Car buying can be very complicated, and for many shoppers it is unpleasant. New cars come with assured depreciation, except in very rare of situations. On top of that, loans on cars are structured so that you pay mostly interest at the beginning (the bank gets their money first). Naturally it’s intimidating, but you can […]