Company History, Philosophy & Facts

Founded in 2000, is wholly owned by Empower Direct, LLC. A private web development technology firm, based in Newark, DE.

BuyingAdvice maintains strict standards of integrity and is recognized as an accurate and independent organization who provides automotive research you can trust.

BuyingAdvice’s mission is to create a fair and more efficient marketplace, protect the interests of consumers and help prepare them for the auto purchase with unbiased, insider advice.

Our philosophy includes a continued concern about the impact of the automotive industry on the environment and climate warming patterns.

Our consumer service technology firm combines robust tools to provide a personalized user experience and help shoppers identify the right vehicle across all brands for their particular preferences or lifestyle, that includes: pricing information, photo galleries, buying guides, original editorial content and trusted reviews to help millions of consumers become better educated and make smart car buying decisions. reaches over 500,000 new car shoppers each month. Of those, we identify the users who are within 30 days of making a purchase decision and, as a result, our Team polls about 50,000 new car buyers each month to learn more about their shopping patterns, opinions, and their past experiences to contribute to a community of car buying intelligence.


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