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Monday, July 15, 2024

April, 2012 Archive

How to Maintain Your Car’s Engine Cooling System Part 2

Welcome to part 2 on how to maintain your car’s engine cooling system. You can always check out part 1 in order to know more about the components of your engine cooling system. There are a lot of car owners who take the engine cooling system for granted. What happens next is being left stranded […]

How to Maintain Your Car’s Engine Cooling System Part 1

The cooling system in your automobile is responsible for keeping the engine from overheating, due to excess heat. The engine cooling system is made up of 3 critical components: 1. The radiator 2. The engine cooling fans 3. The engine coolant (or coolant and water mix) Some engines are designed to be air-cooled, like the […]

The Car Owner’s Simple Guide to Car Maintenance

It sure is fun to drive a new car, but are you aware of the things that you should check on a daily or weekly basis? It is true what they say about new cars: all that you basically need to do is get in the car and drive it. If you notice something different […]

Buying Advice on Car Leasing: How to Find a Cheap Car Lease

Car leasing is an ideal way to drive the car that you want, without spending a lot of your hard earned money. People often think that leasing is similar to renting, but this is not the case. Car leasing is different. Renting a car is more expensive–more so if you rent for a longer period […]