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Monday, July 15, 2024

April, 2016 Archive

The Most Affordable Luxury Cars for Lease

photo by M93 Many drivers overlook luxury vehicles, assuming they’re too expensive. But that’s not always the case. Today, luxury manufacturers sell affordable models. However, even powerful, sporty models are affordable now. Due to high residual values and leasing’s cost advantage relative to other financing options, luxury cars are within reach of a huge segment […]

Which Car Manufacturers Offer the Best Tech for 2016?

That first drive in your new car can be like Christmas morning. These days it’s especially true because there’s so much cutting-edge technology on board new vehicles. Even affordable cars are loaded with tech. Luxury cars can be over the top. Let’s discuss the car makes that do tech the best. Chevrolet As you probably […]

Used Luxury Cars Are Good Deals

At one point or another, everybody has wished they were in the driver’s seat of a leather-bound luxury vehicle. It’s human nature. But we’re not always in a financial position to buy the car of our dreams. Let’s think outside of the box, though. Maybe the car of your dreams isn’t the one in the […]