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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Which Car Options Are Worth The Money?

When it comes to investments, a new car is not considered to be a good one. Experts say that the average 5-year-old car is only worth about 28.5% of its original price. And while adding excessive features onto a depreciating asset might not be a great idea, they often will increase the car’s resale value when it comes time for a new one. Below is a list of features that add the most value in comparison to what you pay for them.

Cruise control: 125%
Buyers really value cruise control, and it’s reflected in the high residual value. This feature has become standard on many new models, so a car without it might seem outdated. And because the technology has become so reliable, it’s unlikely to ever need repair.

Power windows: 110%
No one wants to deal with cranking down windows nowadays; it’s hard to even find them on all but the lowest-priced models. benefits of this feature outweigh the potential repair costs.

Power locks: 113%
Like power windows, power locks are now the norm on most new cars. Cars without them will be harder to sell in the years to come.

Air conditioning: 95%
The value of a given option depends on the need for it and how hard it is to substitute. Since there’s no substitute for A/C, it depreciates slowly.

Power seats: 80%
Power seats retain value at a relatively high rate, in part because they make it easier for two drivers to share a vehicle. Some cars even have memory options that switch between settings at the touch of a button.

Automatic transmission: 78%
An automatic transmissions is often standard equipment, but for cars that offer a manual option,the resale value goes up dramatically with an automatic.

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