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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Which Car Options Are Worth The Money? Part II

Last week, we reviewed the car options that hold their value best over the years. This week, we’ll take a look at some features that don’t stand up as well investment-wise, but you may consider adding them for convenience as well as increased attractiveness to future buyers.

Leather Seats 53%
Leather seats add a feeling of luxury that is attractive to buyers. While it doesn’t always age well, after five years, it should hold up well enough to maintain its value.

Navigation System 50%
These systems are becoming more and more common in lower-priced models, and add a significant level of convenience. They also continue to decrease in price and increase in quality. Consider adding one to enhance your driving experience and increase value to future buyers.

Rear Entertainment System 42%
This is another feature that is becoming more common in bargain-priced models. If you’re buying a minivan or SUV, especially if you have kids, consider adding this extra.

Third-Row Seat 36%
An optional third-row seat will boost resale value a little bit, so if it will benefit you, there’s no downside when it comes to resale value.