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Friday, December 1, 2023

Which Car Manufacturers Offer the Best Tech for 2016?

That first drive in your new car can be like Christmas morning. These days it’s especially true because there’s so much cutting-edge technology on board new vehicles. Even affordable cars are loaded with tech. Luxury cars can be over the top. Let’s discuss the car makes that do tech the best.


As you probably know by now, one of Chevrolet’s big selling points is their Wi-Fi hot spot. It’s a useful feature, especially when it’s used with Android Auto or Apple Carplay. Compatibility with both of those come standard on lots of Chevy models. Other features that come standard include large (7″-8″) touch-screen monitors, USB inputs, and audio inputs. Rates for the Wi-Fi are competitive and you’ll get a trial period when you buy a car.

On the downside, Chevy’s touchscreen isn’t as responsive as we’d like it to be. You’ll probably end up using voice commands most of the time. Also on the downside, if you want an Impala or Malibu, you’ll have to buy a package to get a touchscreen.


Most Volkswagen models are compatible with Android Auto and Apple Carplay. Since we nearly all use smartphones, this feature is endlessly useful. Besides Cadillac, VW and Chevy, no other manufacturers make the majority of their models compatible with both. Conveniently, VW includes touchscreens standard with all 2016 models except the Eos and the Touareg. Volkswagen’s screens are a little smaller than Chevy’s, ranging from 5″ to 6.5″, but they are more responsive.

Also standard on VW’s base infotainment systems are Bluetooth and a USB interface. We think VW is one of the best choices for affordable infotainment.

Mercedes Benz

This car make isn’t as affordable as the previous two, but Mercs have been known for luxury tech. That’s not going to change this year. Let’s talk about the S-Class 600. It will cost you over a hundred thousand in American money, but it comes fully loaded.

First, you get a Burmester 3D surround audio system. 13…that’s thirteen, speakers are included. DVD, Bluetooth and USB are, of course, a necessity when your audio is that good. That’s why they are included. You also get a 12.3″ screen in the front dash. Up to 5 power shades, depending on the trim, keep the sun off of any area it’s not wanted. That includes your monitors, of course.

The next feature could be considered entertainment or health, depending on your current needs. The 600’s seats can do six different kinds of massages; two of them having a hot stone effect. The armrests and doors can be heated, so there’s rarely a possibility of sensing an unpleasant temperature while you’re inside the car.

In case you’re wondering, several Mercedes Benz models are compatible with Apple Carplay but this one isn’t yet. Android Auto compatibility isn’t a Mercedes feature yet. S-Class cars do come with Bluetooth streaming and hands-free interfaces, however.


That was really just the beginning of the list of S 600 features. They are countless. Some of them, I believe, we’d never even use. Do you think an air purification system with a ionizer is necessary for a car? It’s a luxury. That’s for sure. Which car make provides everything you want and isn’t beyond your budget?

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