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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Should You Wax or Polish Your Car?

It’s amazing that a large group of car buyers are unaware of the difference between waxes and polishes. In fact, these two products are often intertwined. Their are waxes that contain a small amount of polish to better clean the paint, and their are polishes that contain high grade carnauba wax to promote a better shine.

However, car enthusiasts know too well that using the right products will not only produce a better shine, but this will also prolong the life of your paint finish. now presents to you a quick guide so you can better understand the difference between a wax and a polish, when to use polish or wax, and how to apply the product.


Pure wax contains no abrasives. The primary purpose of wax is to seal the paint, protecting it from the harmful elements of the road and the sun. Wax will also provide a glossy shine on your paint finish.

However, applying wax to badly treated paint is not advisable. The same can be said for paint surfaces that are oxidized, peeling, fading, or cracking. Pure carnauba wax will only work well when the paint finish is smooth and free from large imperfections.


Pure polish contains mild abrasives. The formula was designed to cut thorough paint imperfections such as mild or deep scratches, swirl marks, bird droppings, and oxidation damage.

Applying polish will also restore the color and the smoothness of your car finish.

Should You Wax or Polish Your Car?

The answer will depend on the condition of your paint.

  • Brand new cars, or relatively new paint finishes will benefit most from a pure polish, since the chemicals from the paint will need to breathe. Wax will only seal the paint further.
  • Older vehicles should be polished first, before applying wax. This will give you a more consistent shine, and the wax will also last longer even in bad weather.

As a quick tip, try to run your hands on the roof or the hood of your vehicle. If you feel that the surface is smooth, or if you see water beads on the surface of the paint when you wet the finish, then it is safe to only apply wax on your paint finish.

If the surface is rough or inconsistent, it is time to apply polish before applying wax. This also holds true if you want to remove deep scratches and swirl marks on your finish.

Should you wax or polish your car? Now you know the simple way to determine if applying wax or polish is best for your vehicle. We will discuss how to apply wax and polish in the next post.