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Thursday, September 23, 2021

How to Test Drive a Car

Right now there are too many car buying deals to pass up, and if a trip to the car dealership is in your near future, here are some test drive tips to make sure you leave with the right car for you.

Do Your Homework

Don’t just show up at the lot to see what cars are available. Before you arrive at a dealership, you should already know what vehicle and options you are looking for. Do your research ahead of time– use BuyingAdvice.Com’s free quote system to see which dealers have the car you want at the right price.

* If you are town between two or more models, drive the potential candidates back-to-back on the same day so you can make a true comparison.

* Ask to take the vehicle home overnight, as many dealers now allow. See it and see if it fits in your garage, and take a drive at night to see how the headlights perform and how the interior is illuminated.

Getting Acquainted

* Certain options and powertrains can greatly alter the feel of a vehicle, so it’s important to drive the exact model and trim you want to purchase. If the dealer doesn’t have the car you are looking for, you can either wait or find one that does.

* Take note of potentially annoying details, such as inadequate storage or cup holders, or a trunk that is difficult to operate.

* While the driver’s and front passenger side doors may be large and easy to open and close, check to see if the same is true for rear-seat passengers.

* If children will be riding in the vehicle, bring them along and ask them about the separate controls and amenities in the back seat to avoid hassles later.

Hitting the Road

* Are the primary controls easy to use and adjustable enough for you and other potential drivers to be comfortable?

* Are the front seats comfortable and supportive?

* Are there sufficient gauges, readouts, and display screens that are easy to view and operate?

* Check the climate-control system and how effectively it pumps out hot and cold air.

* As electronic gadgets play an increasingly important role in our daily lives, the vehicle’s human-machine interface should be scrutinized. Bring your iPod and/or Bluetooth along to check for functionality and sound quality, along with how easy it is to control the device.

* See if the vehicle has enough power to safely merge with highway traffic and if the brakes have a solid, reassuring feel. Take several corners. Learn how to park the vehicle.

*How is the noise level and visibility inside the vehicle?

Once you have evaluated all these items, you should have a good idea of whether the vehicle is right for you.