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Thursday, September 23, 2021

How to Buy or Lease with Less Than Perfect Credit

Do you need a new car but don’t know if your credit score is good enough to get approved for the car you want? There are a few tips you can use to improve your chances to get financed for a new vehicle. Using these tips at the dealership will give you the best chance to get approved.

First, get a copy of your current credit report. This is crucial as the dealership will pull your credit history and ask you directly about delinquent accounts. Knowing what is on your report and being able to prove your income and expenses will ease the minds of your potential lenders.

Secondly, get auto loan quotes from different lenders to get the best interest rate possible. There is a lot of competition for auto loans, so having auto loan quotes from different lenders gives you the upper hand in negotiation.

Lastly, bring income and expense details. Showing a dealership you have disposable income that you can use for a new vehicle. Bring recent pay stubs, mortgage contract or rental agreements and utility bills. This shows them you are organized and are more likely to make payments on time.

Use these tips when buying your next vehicle. Find more car buying advice at!