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Monday, July 15, 2024

Could the E100 Undercut The Lowest-Priced Vehicles in the US?

Has it been an exciting year for autos and their enthusiasts, or what? We got the Model 3, we learned of plans for loads of SUVs (Bronco!), the 2-door sedan all but died, and then we learned about an all-electric vehicle that is well cheaper than any new car for sale in the US. It’s called the E100.

The E100 looks a like a squished Scion iQ. That’s right, it’s significantly smaller than the iQ. It seats 2, leaving enough space for a small cargo area behind the seats; probably about 6 cubic feet. It’s an EV (100% electric vehicle) made by Baojun, which is a Chinese auto company that collaborated with GM to create this tiny, efficient thing.

The price of the E100 is around $5,300 after subsidies or about $7,000 without subsidies, making it one of the cheapest cars you could buy. It’s a couple thousand dollars less expensive than anything available on the US market, currently. The only problem is that it’s not yet available in the US. Chinese brands like Trumpchi have been interested in selling to American drivers. Why can’t Baojun do the same? It could happen. But would the E100 sell here?

It’s one of the cheapest cars available, as we’ve stated. That’s a plus. It’s got 39 horsepower, giving it a 62 mph top speed. It’s range is about 100 miles. It’s like a Smart fortwo that’s half the price and has the added advantage of not needing petroleum. Yes. Yes, it could work for plenty of city commuters, and they could share parking spots with their friends, as long as the friends have an equally compact car.

I know what you’re wondering. Is the car basic or is it modern? As it turns out, it’s a good blend of both. It has anti-lock brakes, electronic brake-force distribution, electric power steering and a pedestrian alert system. If that’s not enough, you have optional parking sensors, 7″ display, WiFi hotspot, keyless entry, air filter, A/C, electric windows and steering wheel audio controls, according to Car Advice.

Still, the E100 feels barebones compared to any average-priced sedan. It has a light, simplified feel to it. The base version (apparently) has simple fabric loops for interior door handles. Although, other photos of the vehicle show more substantial handles that are integrated into the doors themselves, like most cars.

Until the Baojun E100 makes its way to the US, you’ll have to settle for other options and you’re not getting anywhere close to $7,000 unless you buy used. How about a Toyota Prius C? You’d get a little extra horsepower and space, but it’ll cost about $20,000 new. Generally speaking, that’s a good price, though.

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