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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Common Aftermarket Wheel FAQs

Thinking about replacing the wheels on your vehicle? Unless you’re a petrol head, you probably have questions you want answered before you choose them. If so, good for you. There are solid reasons to replace your wheels, or “rims,” but you should know the potential problems that can arise from doing so.

Do wheels harm resale value?

This question is hard to answer because it’s completely dependent on the particular wheels and the demand for them in your particular area. As a general rule, OEM wheels and other wheels that aren’t too flashy or extravagant will not give you resale problems. You can keep your original wheels and put them back on the car before you sell your vehicle, in case you find that your updated wheels aren’t desirable in your area.

Replacing basic steel wheels (the hubcapped kind) with OEM alloy wheels can improve the resale value of your car. Call a local salvage yard and find out if they have some alloys that are in good shape. Just make sure they’re not warped or scratched.

Will aftermarket wheels improve fuel efficiency?

The answer to this question is also dependent on the specifics of the wheels you choose. You should find out the weight of the wheels you have and compare it to the weight of the wheels you’re interested in buying. Alloy wheels are lighter than steel but if you replace 13″ steel wheels with 16″ alloys, the alloys might weigh more. In that case, you wouldn’t notice any increased fuel efficiency.

Will someone try to steal my wheels?

It’s possible. Wheels and tires are among the most stolen car parts because they’re easy to remove, they can’t be tracked down easily, and they’re worth significant cash. To prevent theft, get some wheel locks and replace a lug nut on each wheel with one. Make sure you get the correct size for your vehicle. The higher the crime rate in your city, the more you need wheel locks.

Which kind of wheels are the most durable?

Forged alloy is the most durable, the lightest and the most expensive kind of alloy wheel. Alloy wheels made with spun-rim (a.k.a. flow-forming, rim-rolling) technology are slightly less durable than forged wheels but are also less expensive. The third most durable kind of alloy wheels are manufactured using low pressure casting. Still less durable wheels are alloy gravity casted types. Steel wheels are generally more durable than alloys but there are new types of alloy metals that are changing that rule. Keep in mind that steel is heavier than alloy.

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