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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Buying Advice 6: Lease or Buy a Car?

Still pondering about whether to lease or buy a car? Here is part 6 about the helpful tips on buying versus leasing so you can accurately decide which is right for you.

Tip 1: Are you attracted by current zero-down lease deals offered by car dealers in your area? Don’t be making a visit to the dealer just yet. Remember that you will still need to pay a certain amount of money upfront under a zero-down lease program. The same can be said for zero-down financing deals too. The fact remains that you will still need to pay acquisition fees, dealer fees, bank fees and a host of other expenses related to the processing of the lease. When you add it all up, this loosely translates to around a thousands dollars–maybe even more. You will still need to pay the specific amount in order to fulfill the obligations of the lease. Zero-down leases are not exactly what they sound like.

Tip 2: Leasing or buying a car is all about the capitalized cost. The capitalized cost is the selling price of the car. Want to get the lowest monthly payments on any type of leasing or financing deal? You will need to negotiate the capitalized cost of the car before anything else. It is in this regard that you should never talk about monthly payments, loan terms or lease terms, advance payments or down payments and even the various options of the car without first determining the MSRP. Insist on the real selling price of the price before you sit down and further discuss other details.

The easiest way to determine the capitalized cost of any type of car or SUV is by simply asking for a free online quote. You can easily determine the price to pay for any type of brand new car or SUV so you can approach the dealer with the utmost confidence. Lease or buy your next car with the help of a free online quote.