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Monday, July 15, 2024

Auto Theft Hits 20 Year Low

If you purchase a car today it is likely to be equipped with multiple anti-theft systems including an ignition immobilizer and GPS tracking technology. These features and aggressive law enforcement initiatives make it harder than ever to be a car thief. The FBI recently reported that vehicle theft hit a 20 year low in 2008.

Despite the drop in theft rates it is still wise to take precautions. If you live in a high crime area, and your car is not already equipped, an alarm system would be good investment. There are a few commonsense steps you can take:
  • Always park in a well-lighted/high traffic area.
  • Always lock your car.
  • Never leave the keys in your car.
  • Never leave your car running unattended.
  • Never leave valuables in plain view.
Remember, in most cases car thieves will chose the easiest car to steal. Do you have any special tricks or tips you use to protect your car?