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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Auto Buying Tips: Things to Look Out For During the Test Drive

If you are searching for a used car then you should be excited about taking the car for a test drive as this will be the first time that you will actually feel the car when driven. This is the same as test driving a new car although you are looking to feel more of the car when test driving a used car.

There are things that you should look out for when taking the car for a test drive. Consider the following tips:

  • Take the time to open the bonnet of the car and inspect the vital fluids such as engine oil level and transmission fluid. This will enable you to determine the condition of the car and how much care was given by the previous owner. Make sure the oil is brownish black (not black) and the transmission fluid is a light red/brownish color.
  • Turn of the radio before driving. This will help you hear any kind of unusual noises that may occur during the drive.
  • Pay attention to the steering and how the car feels when tackling minor road undulations. If you hear any thumps or squeaks from the steering or suspension system then they might be potential candidates for future repair.
  • Drive slowly at first, and then speed up when the road is clear. It is also best to drive both on city roads and the highway to get a better feel for the car.

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