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Thursday, September 23, 2021

An Introduction to Diesel Vehicles: Pros and Cons

Diesel-powered vehicles are nothing new. Although the technology has been optimized over many years, drivers often prefer gasoline-powered autos, which are so common that some drivers wonder what makes them so much better, if anything. Is there a good reason? Let’s look at some facts and you can decide for yourself.


Diesel Is More Efficient and (Usually) Cheaper

Diesel engines are about 25% more efficient than their gasoline counterparts. Although, there are many factors that contribute to a vehicle’s mpg rating. Typically, small vehicles aren’t available with diesel engines. It’s difficult to find a compact diesel car that meets your needs, but its not impossible.

You can certainly save money by driving a diesel. However, if gasoline prices are low and diesel prices are not especially low, you may not be able to save at all. Diesel vehicles can be a little more expensive to maintain than others. On the other hand, diesel engines are very durable and tend to last longer. Therefore, the money you can save by driving a diesel will vary based on a number of factors.

Diesel Is Cleaner

Diesels emit less carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbons than gasoline. They are generally considered better for the environment. However, they do create harmful byproducts and emissions. They’re probably not the answer to global warming.


It’s More Difficult to Find Diesel Vendors

Over half of the gas stations in the US sold diesel fuel in 2007, according to Consumer Reports. We expect it’s a higher percentage now. However, it can still be difficult to fill up your diesel engine in a timely manner. Diesel pumps are often out of order. Sometimes, the right nozzle for your vehicle isn’t available where you stop to fill up.

Diesel Engines Are Louder and Vibrate More

If you prefer a car that is perfectly quiet and operates smoothly, you should take note of the noise and engine vibration when you test drive a diesel vehicle. It might turn out to be too much for you. Although, it might not.

Diesel Cars Are Usually Slower

Although many vehicles combine diesel engines with turbochargers, to improve performance, diesel is usually a disadvantage for anyone who wants to go fast and compete. On the other hand, the fuel efficiency of diesel can be an advantage in long distance races.

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