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Monday, July 15, 2024

6 Tips for Protecting Your Car’s Paint

Brand new cars look lovely with their new coats of paint, fresh from the manufacturer. Without question, everyone likes a car that looks shiny and is free of imperfections. Good paint condition is a big factor in resale value, consequently, since exterior appearance is the first thing we notice about cars. There are lots of things you can do to protect that sparkle. Here are some suggestions.

Park in a Garage or Car Port

Using a garage prevents two things. First, it prevents the sun from beating down onto your car all day. Since the sun has a damaging effect on paint, over time, your paint will be in a better condition longer if you park your car inside a shelter as often as possible. Second, shelter protects your car from sticky and corrosive substances. Fewer bird droppings and less tree sap means better paint for a longer period of time.

Park Away from Other Cars

While most drivers try to avoid damaging your car, few of us last more than 3 or 4 years without noticing a scratch or dent on our vehicles. If possible, avoid areas of a parking lot that are dense with cars. In other words, park where people are unlikely to park right beside you. Avoid parking next to cart corrals, too. You’ll be farther from the store but a little extra walking never hurt anyone.

Wash and Wax

Washing and waxing your car every few months will keep the paint looking good for a longer time. Wash your car with a soft mitt or towel and some auto cleaning soap. Don’t use soap that isn’t meant for automobiles. If you plan to wax the car yourself, do it somewhere that’s dry and out of direct sunlight (unless it’s cool outside). Dry your car thoroughly before you begin and follow the manufacturers instructions carefully.

Buy Film

If you really need to protect your car, you can think about buying paint protection film such as Xpel Ultimate. However, having your film installed can be a little pricy and doing it by yourself can be a little tricky. Weigh your options and decide if this is the right choice.

>Buy a Cool Color (In Terms of Temperature)

Have you ever put hot liquid into a cold glass? If the temperatures are different enough, the glass will break. That same stress is what auto paint goes through when the vehicle’s surface temperature fluctuates. Although it’s unlikely that your car will start to just crack and chip all of a sudden, temperature certainly plays a role in paint health. There’s a little-known fact about this, which we learned from Auto Geek Online. Some paint colors resist sunlight better than others. Lighter colors keep the car’s surface temperature down. The difference between black and white can be as much as 40 degrees. Choose a lighter color and your paint probably won’t start to fade until later. As a side note, avoid pouring cold liquid onto your car’s surface when it is hot. Always wash your car in the shade when the outdoor temp is hot.

Buy a Clean-looking Color

Another consideration is how clean a color tends to look. Have you ever heard someone say that black paint always looks dirty or that beige always looks clean? It’s true. Beige (or champagne) and silver vehicles almost always look clean while dirt, dust and grime are easily visible on black vehicles and white vehicles. This doesn’t mean your paint is in good health or bad health, it just means that it looks better or worse.

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