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Thursday, September 23, 2021

5 Expert New Car Buying Tips

Think about this. When you walk into a dealership, you are negotiating with a professional salesman, who sells a few cars per week, and is always looking to maximize his commission. Sure they will talk to you and find a vehicle that will suit your needs best, but this is his business, and unless you are a trained salesperson, you are at a disadvantage. Take these 5 tips to level the car buying, playing field.

Gather Some Details
Take a drive to some local dealerships on Sundays, when the dealerships are closed. Look at the vehicles, write down the prices and warranties, and get as many details as possible. Then head home and begin the research.

Learn the Vehicle’s Actual Cost
The second step is finding out the actual costs for the vehicles. This is made much easier with Get the true dealer costs for the vehicles you are looking for. Then use that knowledge to negotiate the best deal, below the dealer’s sticker price.

Request Online Price Quotes
These price quotes are key in negotiating an even lower price than the dealer costs. Request price quotes from from local dealers, and then use them to negotiate the lowest price. For instance, if the dealership A is selling the car for the same price as dealership B, bring in a price quote from A to dealership B, asking them to beat dealership A’s price.

Settle Price before Details
Make sure if you are trading in a vehicle or if you are financing a vehicle, that these details are discussed after you’ve negotiated the best deal. Dealers will entice you with low interest rates or larger trade-in cash in order to make you pay a higher sales price.

Know When to Fold ‘em
Any strong negotiator holds this as their ace in the hole. You must be able to walk away from the deal if you do not get the price you set out to pay. It is the best bargaining chip you can have, taking away a deal from a salesperson, so use it if necessary. The car will probably not sell overnight, and if it does, there are plenty more great deals to be found at