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Friday, December 1, 2023

3 Automobile Buying and Leasing Hacks for Smart Shoppers

You’re ready to buy a car but you don’t want to settle for a sub-par deal? You want to be prepared this time; get the deal you want? Good for you! It’s really not so difficult. There are plenty of tricks you can try but there are 3 simple things that will help you more than anything else. If you’re not an expert negotiator, it’s OK. Just look over the following tips before you start shopping.

Make Dealers Compete with Each Other

This tactic is often overlooked because we tend to choose one car and stick to it. We’re emotional beings, so it’s hard to avoid this. It’s better, though, to choose two or three cars that are made by different manufacturers. Resist the urge to forget cars that don’t wow you when one particular model has your heart. When you sit down with a salesperson, let him or her know that you have other options to think about. Hey, it’s an honest statement, isn’t it? Responsible shoppers stay open-minded.

Even better, get quotes for the same car from different dealers. This way, your salesperson won’t be urged to talk about how good his brand is, compared to other brands. It limits the topics of persuasion down to the price and what’s included with it.

Remember, you reserve the right to walk out of a negotiation. You may go speak to another dealer at any time. Salespeople know this.

Do Business by Phone and Email

Believe it or not, you don’t have to visit a dealership in person to buy a car. Salespeople always prefer seeing you in person because it’s the best way to move you through the sales funnel efficiently. However, you can get quotes and even negotiate from home. It might save you time. Just be clear that you’re a serious shopper and you will be purchasing a car in the near future (if that’s actually true). simplifies the process by letting you get competing quotes at the same time, just by filling out a short form and selecting the dealers you want quotes from. This work for leasing and buying. Click here to try it for free.

Check Your Timing

This is closely related to the concept of “supply and demand.” When demand is high; that is, when lots of people want a particular car, the price tends go up. If supply goes up, price tends to go down. Supply and demand work against each other, though. It’s all relative, but the idea is to find a car that’s in stock everywhere and that few people are looking for. Many dealers let you search their inventory on their websites. If there are 200 Jeep Cherokees at Monroe Jeep Dealership, and only a few people in the area are looking for Cherokees, Monroe Jeep will try to sell any Cherokee it can at a bargain price.

You can also try waiting until the end of the month. This is when salespeople are trying their best to sell more vehicles. It’s their last chance to meet quotas and sell enough stuff to get bonuses and other rewards. This means they’ll be willing to give you a good deal, even lose money, just to get some cars off of the lot. If you can’t make it to the dealer at the end of the month, try a Wednesday. The place will probably be empty and salespeople will be happy to see you. It’s a good time to negotiate leisurely.

Get Going!

Shopping is fun but accepting a bad deal on a car lease or purchase could cost you thousands of dollars. This is one purchase it’s best to be prepared for. Start by requesting some quotes. It’s free and comes with no obligations. You’ll never owe us anything. Dealers pay us to distribute their quotes. It’s advantageous for you, the shopper, since you’ll easily and securely get quotes from any dealers you choose in moments. Click here to get started. Good luck!