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Monday, July 15, 2024

2014 Redesigned Vehicles To Watch wanted to report on the 2014 model year changes and upgrades to your favorite cars. These cars can be found at huge discounts right now as dealerships make room for their 2015 models which are arriving daily.

Infiniti Q50
This brand new head turner in the Q line was derived from some of their recent concept cars, and looks like it. Inside the new technology including moving object detection and forward collision warning system, the 328 or 354 horsepower Q50 will keep you moving in style

Jaguar F-Type
This redesigned F-TYPE sports car is built for speed and starting at 69,000, you can get 340-380 horsepower vehicle. If you have some extra coin, the V8 boasts 498 horsepower!

BMW 4 Series Coupe
BMW has said goodbye to its classic 3 Series coupe line in favor of the new and improved 4 series model. It is wider, longer and lower to the ground, making its handling even better than before!

Cadillac ELR
Cadillac’s luxurious electric sports coupe, based on the Chevy Volt, packs 60 mph more horsepower than its little brother, so it will be economical and fun to drive.

Chevy Corvette Stingray
A blast from the past with a modern look, the Corvette Stingray sports 450 horsepower V8 and 0-60mph in below 4 seconds. Carbon fiber everywhere makes it lighter than it would seem and ready for the right buyer. Take a look at cars like these and many others at