Top 4 Car Options For Teen Drivers

Buying a car for your teenage son or daughter is tough. Teens want style and room for friends while parents prefer reliable and safe cars, two relevant concerns about teen driving since young drivers usually do not have a lot of money or experience on the road.

So before you get into an argument with your child, the BuyingAdvice Team tells you the four top options that combine the qualities both teenagers and parents are looking for in a vehicle: style, room, safety and reliability.

Mazda3: It has firm and precise steering and highly effective brakes. This vehicle is not particularly extraordinary but is an excellent small car with good interior space, performance and work quality. “i” models offer great fuel efficiency and is the cheapest in our list. MPG: 25 city – 33 highway. Base price: $15,200.

Honda Civic: It’s the most popular car among teens and parents. It easily holds four people and ranks very high on safety ratings. It offers cheap car insurance for a young driver. MPG: 28 city – 39 highway. Base price: $15,805.

Toyota Corolla: Like the Honda Civic, this is another favorite among teens and adults. It has a grown-up image that will serve through school, the job hunt and beginnings of a career. It’s reliable, with good performance, and has plenty of room inside. Buying the stability control option is advisable. MPG: 27 city – 34 highway. Base price: $16,130.

Ford Focus: It’s good looking and has plenty of room for friends. There are at least seven different variations of this model that should allow any teen to find a trim suitable for their taste. It is fuel efficient with MPG: 28 city – 38 highway. Base price: $18,300.

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