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Durability is a strong Toyota character trait. This is the primary reason why American buyers have embraced Toyotas as their cars were thoroughly engineered to last an entire lifetime. If you are looking for the perfect car that will cost you less in terms of long term maintenance and service, then a Toyota is a wise and educated choice. Toyota offers something for everyone. American car buyers can rejoice in the fact that despite the recent “brakes issue” controversy, Toyota cars remain safe to drive and are still as solid as a drum.

There are a lot of reasons why the Toyota Camry is considered to be the bestselling Toyota car in America. One reason is the way that the Camry is able to pamper both the driver and the passengers with ample amounts of luxury and still remain affordable to buy and cheap to maintain. For a low price of about $21,955, the 2016 Toyota Camry offers an aggressive front statement that was only previously found on other sporty models in the market. Car buyers also get ten standard airbags along with the Blind Spot Monitoring system that will further enhance safety and driver awareness on the road.

If the Toyota Camry is not large enough to meet your needs then one can take a sneak peak at the Toyota Avalon. The Avalon is a large and roomy full-sized sedan that can accommodate five adults in maximum comfort. The Avalon has a near-flat rear floor that contributes to some added comfort for the middle rear passenger while the Bluetooth streaming audio will make sure that each journey is carried out with ample amounts of music. Starting at just $33,100, the Toyota Avalon also features improved NVH and delivers a whisper-quiet cabin that is almost to Lexus standards.

From a low price of about $27,100, the Toyota Venza is unlike any other Toyota previously sold. For lack of a better word, the new Toyota Venza can best be described as an attractive crossover vehicle that has a low ride height and a sculpted exterior that closely resembles the driving feel of a normal car. The Venza offers ample interior space with large amounts of cargo room, especially when the rear seats are folded flat. If you happen to be searching for a new age family car, then the Toyota Venza should be on top of your shopping list.

The Toyota RAV 4 is the other Toyota crossover that needs no introduction. Those who want a decently-sized small SUV capable of behaving like the Toyota Corolla can expect the RAV 4 to be more than enough to meet every kind of need. Starting at a price of $22,475, it is able to seat five adults in the roomy interior while offering the same kind of durability and toughness that Toyota vehicles are known for.

Toyota cars have fantastic resale values making them one of the best vehicles to lease today. Whether you are looking to buy or to lease a new Toyota, it is best to participate in an online quote to determine the latest leasing deals and financing offers that are in effect in your area. Find the nearest Toyota dealer that offers the best price start by simply asking for our free, no obligation quote. Find out how easy it is to drive home a brand new Toyota while still saving tons of money in the process! Get a free quote today!


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