What Does A Bumper To Bumper Warranty Cover?

Want to hear something funny about bumper-to-bumper warranty coverage? Sometimes it doesn’t cover bumpers!

Although a bumper-to-bumper warranty gives you the most comprehensive coverage you can have for your new car, there are some exceptions and exclusions. That is why you should read your contract thoroughly to understand what is and isn’t included.

Generally speaking, bumper-to-bumper warranties cover everything from major mechanical repairs to tiny details like rattles and squeaks. Most manufacturers also throw in free gasoline, roadside assistance, periodic maintenance, towing service, car rental reimbursement, some wear and tear, and electronic equipment coverage. Since they take care of almost anything that comes up, instead of a list of benefits you’ll receive a short list of exclusions.

Most of the time what it doesn’t include is anything covered by other warranties, such as rust, the vehicle’s emission control equipment and tires (although some manufacturers assume tire warranty as well). The list of other specific items may vary a little, but the most common exclusions are break pads, wiper blades, aftermarket accessories, exhaust system, hoses, belts, light bulbs, drums and rotors. Damage caused by an accident, negligence or deliberate abuse is also excluded.

Keep in mind that some manufacturers, especially those that issue long-term warranties, condition coverage to proper scheduled maintenance performed according to specific instructions and at certain locations. Basically, this means that you’ll have to do all your maintenance and repairs at the dealer’s shop, including getting your oil changed using the exact weight of oil recommended by the manufacturer.

Most new cars include at least a 3 year/36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty, but because of competition and quality of the vehicles, 10-year warranties aren’t unheard of.

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