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Mitsubishi Motors is a Japanese automotive company that aims to provide consumers with high performance cars and powerful trucks. Since the company’s beginnnig, the brand has become a world-renowned name in motor sports such as off-road racing and circuit racing with the Paris-Dakar rally at the top of their many numerous achievements. Mitsubishi distinguishes itself from the competition by manufacturing highly customizable, fast, and agile vehicles. The following represent an accurate cross-section of Mitsubishi’s notable line.

The company is well-known for manufacturing one of the most brilliant-handling compact cars in the market: the 2016 Mitsubishi Lancer. A powerful and sporty compact car, the Lancer has a 2.0-liter engine that puts out 148hp. Mitsubishi equipped the Lancer with performance-tuned suspension to allow the driver to easily maneuver this vehicle at higher speeds and sharper turns. To protect its passengers the car is equipped with front-seat side airbags including full-length curtain airbags and a knee airbag for the driver. Also, a new addition to the Lancer that caters to drivers is the Paddle-Shift Sportronic Transmission. The transmission offers a smooth drive with no fixed gears and also has paddles behind the steering wheel that gives the driver the option to shift manually between 6 preset steps. The only thing more striking than the look of this vehicle is the price, which starts at an affordable $15,290.

The Eclipse is Mitsubishi’s most recognizable car. This popular vehicle is both a coupe and convertible option and can give drivers up to 28 miles per gallon. On the inside the Eclipse houses 6 air bags, available manual or Sportronic Transmission, and a 650-watt Rockford Fosgate audio system. The Eclipse starts at $19,499 and offers plenty of power under the hood with a V6 3.8-liter engine that produces 265hp.

Mitsubishi’s Endeavor is the brand’s dominant SUV that starts at $28,299. The Endeavor has a powerful V6 3.8-liter engine offering as much as 225hp. Power sunroof, 12-volt accessory outlets inside the vehicle, cargo utility hooks, and dual-zone climate control are only a few of the many accessories the Endeavor offers. Mitsubishi features airbags and stability and traction control to make the Endeavor not only an enjoyable car, but also a safe one. The Mitsubishi Endeavor is perfect for the middle-sized American family.

The company’s undying commitment to produce fast and stylish vehicles have made it popular in the United States and across the world. If you are looking for exceptional performance, outstanding customization options, and a sleek style, then a Mitsubishi is the right choice for you. Fill out a FREE, no-obligation price quote now and find the lowest price from the Mitsubishi dealers in your area!


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