Safe Driver Rewards Means Inexpensive Car Insurance

Following traffic laws and driving safely can lead to $500 a year in savings. The incentive is called “safe driver bonus,” “safe driver discount” or “safe driver reward” and is offered by several insurance companies to drivers who don’t file any claims during a certain period of time. The program and savings vary depending on the company. Just to give you an idea of how much money you can save, here are some of the discounts and programs offered by some of the largest car insurance groups.

State Farm Insurance

State Farm offers a 15% discount off the premium for three years of safe driving. After six years without accidents, the discount increases to 20% and at the 10-year mark increases to 25%. The company’s “Steer Clear Safe Driver Discount” is a discount drivers get after completing a driver safety course.

Allstate Insurance

Allstate offers a service called “Your Choice Auto.” Among other things, it rewards drivers who haven’t been in an accident for four years by eliminating their deductible. There are also options like the “Standard” policy, where safe drivers receive rate reductions for accident-free driving; the “Gold” policy, which grants $100 collision deductible for every year of safe driving; and the “Platinum” policy, where the driver receives a 5% discount on next semester’s premium for every 6-month period without accidents.

The Details

Needless to say, all these benefits disappear when you have a collision. In some cases, accident-free means no accidents or claims at all. However, some companies are willing to ignore minor incidents as long as the driver isn’t at fault. In order to qualify for a safe driving discount, all drivers on your policy must be accident-free. If you’ve gone a while without an accident, ask your auto insurance company about benefits and discounts.

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