How To Prevent Car Theft And Lower The Cost Of Auto Insurance

It came as a surprise to many when the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) estimated that in the US a car is stolen every 25.5 seconds. With these alarming statistics many have sprung off their seats to get car insurance. Unfortunately, car insurance companies are charging more because of high car theft rates.

To fight back both crime and rising insurance rates you can purchase several anti-theft devices. Protect your car with audible alarms, steering column collars, steering wheel/brake pedal lock, brake locks, wheel locks, tire locks/tire deflators, theft deterrent decals, identification markers in or on vehicle, window etching, laminated glass. There are even GPS tracking devices that can notify police and yourself where the car is at all times.

A second generation of security gadgets interferes with the car’s ignition and wiring, such as smart keys, fuse cut-offs, and starter, ignition and fuel disablers. All these features can help you negotiate discounts with insurance companies.

Another interesting finding you might want to consider is the NICB’s list of top ten most stolen vehicles in the United States:

  1. 1995 Honda Civic
  2. 1989 Toyota Camry
  3. 1991 Honda Accord
  4. 1994 Dodge Caravan
  5. 1994 Chevrolet Full Size C/K 1500 Pickup
  6. 1997 Ford F150 Series
  7. 2003 Dodge Ram Pickup
  8. 1990 Acura Integra
  9. 1988 Toyota Pickup
  10. 1991 Nissan Sentra

The NICB also compiled a list of cities with highest number of car thefts. As expected, these cities also have high insurance rates:

  1. Phoenix, Arizona
  2. Fresno, California
  3. Modesto, California
  4. Stockton-Lodi, California
  5. Las Vegas, Nevada
  6. Miami, Florida
  7. Sacramento, California
  8. Oakland, California
  9. Seattle, Washington
  10. Tacoma, Washington

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