Automobile Fuel Efficiency Listings

You might know this already but we’ll tell you anyway. Those sheets of papers in new car windows don’t show realistic fuel efficiency numbers. They reflect the maximum mileage you could get in the best possible conditions. Consumer Reports tested vehicles in every category to find out which ones are really the most efficient. We’ve looked through and compared the hybrid options with the gas options, just for you. Here are the most efficient hybrid and gas vehicles in each category.

Small SUVs

photo by Thesupermat

Hybrid: Toyota Rav4 XLE Hybrid (26 MPG City / 36 HWY)

Gas: Honda HR-V (20 MPG City / 39 MPG HWY)

Subcompact Cars

Electric: BMW i3 (141 MPGe)

Gas: Mitsubishi Mirage ES (28 MPG City / 47 MPG HWY)

Surprisingly, tiny cars are usually more efficient when they are not hybrid. Go with gas-only or electric-only.

Compact Cars

Hybrid: Volkswagen Jetta SE (29 MPG City / 45 HWY)

Gas: Mazda 3 i Touring (23 MPG City / 45 MPG HWY)

Midsized Cars

Hybrid: Ford Fusion SE Hybrid (35 MPG City / 41 HWY)

Gas: Mazda 6 Sport (22 MPG City / 44 HWY)

photo by Thesupermat

Midsize/Large SUVs

Hybrid: Lexus RX 450h (24 MPG City / 33 HWY)

Diesel: Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (17 MPG City / 32 HWY)


None of the top finishers in this category are hybrid.

Gas: Ford Transit Connect XLT (15 MPG City / 27 HWY)


This category also lacks a hybrid competitor.

Diesel: Ram 1500 Horn (15 MPG City / 27 HWY)

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