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New Survey Reveals New Car Buyers are a Security-Conscious Bunch

November 8, 2007

Nearly 64 percent of new car buyers desire security technology in their new vehicle. Despite this interest in the majority of buyers, 35 percent of those polled do not currently have or use an automotive security device in their vehicle. These figures are based on a recent online survey conducted by automotive consumer web site

With 1,192,809 vehicles stolen last year, or one every 26.4 seconds, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB); the study was designed to research vehicle security habits and interests of new buyers. Over 80 percent of survey respondents said they had not done anything neglectful in the last year, like leave their doors unlocked or leave valuables in the passenger side of their car.

Beyond the basic common sense guidelines of how deter vehicle theft, some experts recommend consumers avoid purchasing models that are commonly stolen. But only about 11 percent of those polled felt this was a priority when choosing their new vehicle. And with many top-sellers and some popular luxury sports models on the most commonly stolen list, such advice may prove hard to follow.

What was a far more common interest among new buyers was relying on installed technology in their new cars to improve their vehicle security; including 47 percent interested in alarm systems and about 17 percent looking into telematics systems, like LoJack, OnStar and others to assist in locating their vehicle if stolen.

The survey was taken among 3324 users of the web site who stated they were within 30 days of making a new car purchase. They were drawn from the 50,000 consumers who request new car price quotes from the web site each month.

The study was the latest in a series of surveys performed by the consumer advice and price quote web site in order to provide one of the most current, extensive views on the buying habits of online car buyers.

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