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Recent Survey Uncovers Consumer Opinions on Car-Buying Incentives

July 23, 2008

Over 2,400 prospective car buyers gave their take on the onslaught of incentives that have recently flooded the automotive world. Participants chose cash incentives as most beneficial option for the consumer, however they expressed that this incentive would not sway them to purchase a large vehicle, such as a truck or SUV.

Only 10% of those polled said they would be solely interested in fuel incentives. Those involved in this particular survey proved divided in their opinions on Chrysler’s fuel incentive campaign. 53% believed that it would lead to substantial savings for the customer, while 46% believed it would not.

This type of fuel campaign has been attempted by several automakers who are suffering from low sales of large vehicles. From the beginning, there have been many critics who have pointed out the shortcomings of this incentive. Public response to these fuel campaigns has also been dismal.

Cash incentives may appear to be a good deal, but the new car buyer needs to be aware of all aspects of the deal. Only a few larger models appear to be worth the deal.

Over 2,400 users of the price quote service contributed information for this specific survey. Each participant stated they were within 30 days of buying a new vehicle.

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