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What Does Hi-Tech Mean in Today’s Auto World?

July 16, 2008

When you ask somebody to define “hi-tech” device, they automatically think about in-dash, 6-disc CD players that can play their favorite tunes for hours on end without them having to change one disc.

Or they think about new systems like Ford’s exclusive SYNC technology where you just issue a simple voice command and your favorite music comes on, or your mobile phone automatically calls home, or – even better – driving directions to your destination pop up on a screen in front of you.

But nobody recently polled in a survey included the latest safety advances among what they call “hi-tech.”

Too bad motorists don’t think about those kinds of things when they think “hi-tech,” because that’s exactly the kinds of things the term “hi-tech” now means.

It’s gone to an entirely different level.

Ford recently unveiled wireless intersection technology that warns your vehicle if it’s in danger of running a stop light or stop sign.

And, even more hi-tech is what DENSO Corporation is working on to record information about your eyes and use the data to determine if you’re falling asleep while driving, or if you don’t see a pedestrian about to step out into the intersection in front of you.

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