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Ford Pressing Toyota and Honda for Top Spot in Quality

May 12, 2008

Ford Motor Company has had a strong first quarter of 2008.

Not only has the company recorded a profit for the first time since its highly publicized Turnaround Plan was announced three years ago, but Ford is now also gaining valuable ground on Toyota and Honda in vehicle quality and customer satisfaction.

Ford Group Vice President for Global Quality, Bennie Fowler knows what’s at stake for the company as it tries to return to prominence as the world leader in automotive manufacturing.

He is determined to dispel the myth many consumers have that Ford vehicles aren’t as good as their Japanese counterparts, and just as hell bent on letting the competition know that Ford is coming hard after them.

Fowler and Ford’s Director of Sustainable Business Strategies John Viera, who is essentially the company’s “point man” for Green Technology, both agree that winning customers back into the Ford foal isn’t rocket science.

At a time when rising fuel costs are forcing consumers to look for cheaper ways to get around, Fowler says Ford’s philosophy is simply to give the public high quality at an economically sound and affordable price. is a consumer advice that features tips and advice for car buyers and the latest news and information from the automotive world.

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