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Almost Half of Buyers Feel Older Drivers Are at Greater Risk of Having Traffic Accidents

June, 20, 2008

A recent survey from automotive consumer advice web site shows that participants are split on the issue of driving restrictions for older drivers.

While 47 percent of those polled believed that elderly drivers were at greater risk of having a traffic accident, the same percentage indicated that there should not be stronger restrictions placed on older drivers.

When it came to the topic of imposing an annual test on older drivers, a greater number of respondents (almost 70%) supported this idea. The survey however, did not indicate what type of test should be administered: vision, driving, or written, for example. Gathering statistics on the issue of annual tests is a difficult task, due to the fact that requirements vary widely from state to state.

The poll also asked readers what they believed was the ideal age to begin testing a driver every year, in order for that driver to retain their driver’s license. Although readers were almost equally divided on this issue, the majority (31%) went with age 70. 24% indicated age 75, and following close behind were 23%, who stated age 80 as the ideal age for re-testing annually. Evidently, most believe annual re-testing should not be required too early, as only 21% chose age 65 as an appropriate time to begin the process.

The information for the survey was taken from over 3,500 users of the site’s price quote service. Each participant stated they were within 30 days of buying a new vehicle.

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