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Buyers Don’t Trust Ads, but Dealers Say “Some Deception” is Necessary

June 9, 2008

While a great majority of new car buyers don’t trust the content in automobile ads, at least one dealership believes some deception is vital to luring customers into its showroom.

Meanwhile, a survey has shown that more people now scour the internet for new car deals.

While 68% of those responding to the survey say they don’t believe what car dealers are spewing in their ads, an even higher percentage (77%) say those ads should be more closely regulated by government watchdogs.

But at least one dealership sales manager, who prefers to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, believes a little lying doesn’t hurt and is actually vital to attracting customers.

He says dealerships make a distinction between savvy customers who utilize the internet and those that wander in after reading an ad in the newspaper or seeing it on TV.

And to top it all off, dealerships have already identified who the next “new wave” of car buyers are, and they’re going after them with a passion.

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