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Smart vehicles take a fresh approach to solving the problems of the modern commuter. Compact, efficient, and affordable, smart cars offer improved mobility in urban traffic, neatly wrapped in a small and ‘green’ package. Smart also offers a full electric version of the car and is further proof that one doesn’t need to pay much money in order to experience total freedom from conventional fossil fuels.

The smart fortwo pure coupe is the most basic and least expensive in the smart lineup, starting around $12,400. The fortwo pure coupe is the perfect example of smart’s intelligent design by examining what urban drivers really need and use. smart removed the rear seat, wasted space when the majority of urban vehicles carry just one person. With no engine on the front, the fortwo pure coupe can maneuver easily through thick city traffic.

Don’t let the smart fortwo pure coupe’s size fool you. All smart fortwos are loaded with the kind of standard safety features seen on luxury automobiles. Wrapped in a specially designed ‘safety cell’ the fortwos are prepared against collisions with larger vehicles. All fortwos come with electronic stability controls, anti-lock brakes, and four airbags. Engineering and construction of the smart fortwo coupe makes it a reliable and safe automobile.

The smart fortwo passion coupe is priced slightly higher than the pure coupe, starting around $14,600. Still incredibly affordable, the fortwo passion coupe is value packed with numerous amenities such as: alloy wheels, air conditioning, power windows, and audio. Enjoy the panoramic roof allowing for added daylight during the day and improved views at night.

The smart fortwo passion cabriolet is sporty and elegant. Featuring all of the passion coupe upgrades plus luxury details, the passion cabriolet is as practical as it is fun and comfortable. Drop the top, pump up the sound system, and slip through rush hour traffic with graceful ease! The smart fortwo passion cabriolet is a stylish and economical way to browse busy urban thoroughfares.

For the ultimate smart vehicle, the car company teamed with BRABUS to create two enhanced designs, the BRABUS coupe and cabriolet. BRABUS’ team of designers and engineers focused on enhancing the fortwo’s performance and design. BRABUS smart fortwos include sport components and luxury refinements.

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